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Dental Appliances


Dental Appliances are regarded by sleep physicians as the best available treatment for snoring and a main treatment for Sleep Apnoea.

They are also called Mandibular Advancement Splits and look a bit like mouth guards. You will put them in at night before you go to bed. There is no need to wear them during the day.


How they Work

The main way that Dental Appliances work is by preventing the tissues at the back of the throat and the base of the tongue from collapsing back into the airway. These appliances take the lower jaw forward, bringing the tongue with it thereby clearning the airway at the back of the throat.

Learn more about the dental appliances recommended by Absolute Snore No More:

mdsa small
(Medical Dental Sleep Appliance)




Aveo tsd
Aveo TSD
(Aveo Tongue Stablising Device)


MAP elastomeric appliance


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