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What is it?

SomnoSnore is an innovative 3-step anti-snoring system designed to treat primary snoring. SomnoSnore uses an advanced 3 splint system which is similar in appearance to a sports mouth guard.

This anti snoring system consists of 3 'steps' that gently advance your lower jaw forward thus tightening the muscles in your airway.

Your SomnoSnore will arrive with:
·1 upper dental splint
·1 initial advancement splint and
·1 forward advancement splint

SomnoSnore is comfortable to wear because it is manufactured to the same high quality of all SomnoMed SDB appliances.

SomnoSnore features include:
·3-step system which allows you to control your lower jaw protrusion
·Custom fit to your mouth
·Memory fit material that allows you to re-mould the SomnoSnore should it become loose over time

SnoreNOmore three part system

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