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(Non adjustable Mandibular Advancement Splint)

MAP is a fixed non-adjustable MAS also referred to as an Elastomeric appliance.

Constructed in a dental laboratory, it is made of a very pliable soft, custom-injected Poly vinyl and is tooth retained. There are no clasps or wires to adjust. The flexibility of the material lends itself to a high degree of patient comfort. The Elastomeric appliance is not protrusively adjustable.

It is one of the least expensive and most popular of anti snoring device.  Impressions of both upper and lower teeth are taken by your dentist, and plaster models made from those impressions are sent to the lab along with a protrusive bite registration.   The lab sends back a finished appliance made out of a Polyvinyl material.

One of the unsung advantages of this type of snore guard is its indestructibility.  It cannot break under pressure and the fit, with a few adjustments, is generally perfect.


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