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Aveo TSD
(Tongue Stabilising Device)

The tongue stabilizing device (TSD) is an oral appliance treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. It is a small piece of plastic that sits at your lips and resembles a large dummy with a hole into which you can insert your tongue. When used, it can hold your tongue forward, which might alleviate snoring or sleep apnoea that occurs with an obstructed airway.


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A tongue stabilizing device may be a desirable treatment option if you have been unable to tolerate standard treatments for sleep apnoea, such as CPAP. It may be especially useful if your airway is obstructed due to a large tongue. It must be properly fitted by a medical professional, typically your doctor or dentist.

Not everyone can use a TSD. You must be able to stick your tongue out past your teeth in order to secure the device in place. If your tongue cannot stick out far enough, it may not work for you. In particular, some people with an intact frenulum (the connective tissue that holds your tongue to the floor of your mouth) may not be able to use a TSD.

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